BSI recently visited EMN Plant Ltd to audit our quality assurance procedures, facilities and staff working with our ready mixed concrete. We are delighted to have successfully passed with no non-conformance's. This standards demonstrates our continued perseverance to supply excellent quality concrete to our customers and meeting all of the specifications required. Well done goes to the staff involved in achieving this.

Text from the audit report:

EMN Plant Ltd was assessed by BSI on 12th-13th April 2018. The objective of the assessment was to conduct a surveillance assessment and look for positive evidence to verify that elements of the scope of certification and the requirements of the management standard are effectively addressed by the organization's management system; that the system is demonstrating the ability to support the achievement of statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements and the organization's specified objectives as applicable with regard to the scope of the management standard; to confirm the on-going achievement and applicability of the forward strategic plan and where applicable to identify potential areas for improvement of the management system.

The scope of the assessment is the documented management system with relation to the requirements of PP 515, BS EN 206-1, BS 8500 and the defined assessment plan provided in terms of locations and areas of the system and organization to be assessed.

The outcome was that the audit objectives have been achieved and the certificate scope remains appropriate. The audit team concluded, based on the results of this audit, that the organisation does fulfil the standards and audit criteria identified within the audit report and it is deemed that the management system continues to achieve its intended outcomes.

RECOMMENDED - The audited organization can be recommended for continued certification to the above listed standards, and has been found in general compliance with the audit criteria as stated in the audit plan.