Clients: Roadbridge, SICIM

Date: 2011

Provided a range of diggers, tele handlers, containers, cabins and lay down areas. EMN also provided yielded haulage services.

A joint venture of SICIM and Roadbridge won the contract to install import and export pipelines at the Shetland Gas Plant.

EMN Plant provided extensive plant hire services to support the pipeline instalation contractor.

EMN Plant hired out a range of excavators for this project, ranging from 7 tonne up to 45 tonne. These were mainly used for lifting operations. Other plant hired for this project included tele handlers, containers, cabins and laydown areas for site compounds.

EMN Plant also provided extensive haulage services, transporting items from the Sullom Voe Terminal construction jetty using artic trucks with specialised modified trailers for moving large pipes.